Wealth Redistribution;Should Kenya Go ‘Zimbabwe’?

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The world’s largest platinum miner,Anglo American Platinum, agreed to hand over a 51% share of its mine in Zimbabwe under a new law requiring foreign owned firms to surrender majority stakes to black Zimbabweans.President Mugabe’s government say this  policy will help redress inequalities  caused by the country’s colonial past.Is this the right way to redress historical inequalities?Via BBC Africa.

46% of Kenyans still live below the poverty line.(less than a dollar a day). How do you think countries should redistribute wealth?Should Kenya adopt a similar policy?

  1. maggy says:

    The government should try reduce the inequality by reviewing the income of its citizens in such a way that they reduce the salaries of the top paid civil servants and raise the income of the least paid. This salary review should start from the politicians who earn a lot of money snd they don’t care about the welfare of its citizens.

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