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Reflections of a pan-Afrikanist

Baffour Ankomah’s writing never ceases to be thought-provoking.He is incapable of writing an unengaging read,talk of consciousness-raising.Baffour Ankomah is a Ghanaian journo.An editor of one of the creme de la creme pan-African publications-The New Africanmagazine,since July 1999,his column Baffour’s Beefs has been running since 1998 and no,make no mistake,I haven’t been around that long to have read my first copy of the New African { } in the late 90’s.I got my first copy of the New African in May last year and needless to say really,I instantaneously fell head-over-heels in  love with it.As a student who subscribes to the political ideology that is pan-Africanism,it follows that I naturally have a soft spot for engaging on the subject of Westernisation/Westernization and its subsequent impact and/or ramifications  on the African continent and the world.In an article published on Friday 15th February 2013,Baffour poses a…

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